Goals & Objectives

2020 is the 19th BC Aboriginal Conference to be held. The 18th conference in 2019 was a very successful event with over 350 participants, volunteers, facilitators, trade and craft fair people in attendance.


  • Increase awareness and knowledge for health promotion, prevention and complications associated with diabetes
  • Provide an atmosphere to network, share and liaise among Health Care Workers to promote and support healthy lifestyles
  • Promote culturally appropriate education for people with diabetes, their support persons, and Community Health Care Workers


  • Provide a forum for participants to come together in a spirit of sharing and mutual support
  • Enable people with diabetes and their support persons to leave the conference with more practical knowledge and awareness about health promotion and prevention of diabetes and its complications
  • Provide culturally appropriate education for people who work with Aboriginal People
  • Enhance awareness, understanding and knowledge of Health Care Workers serving and desiring to serve the Aboriginal community
  • Increase knowledge of resources available and accessible to Aboriginal People living with diabetes

Who Should Attend the Conference?

People of all ages who are affected by diabetes….. families, youth, community and support persons, workers, etc.